4 Reasons Why Jet Charters for Business Trips Make Sense

Even during an age when quite a bit of interaction with clients can be done online, there are times when you need to meet face to face. That means traveling to wherever your clients happen to be. While you could book a commercial flight, there’s an alternative to consider. Opting for private jet flights offers advantages that no commercial airline can provide. Here are a few reasons why a charter flight is the way to go. 

A More Efficient Way to Get Where You Need to Go

Time is money, especially when you’re talking about meeting with an important client or a prospect who’s almost ready to sign up. Even with the best deal on a commercial flight, there’s a lot of wasted time. You have to go through the check-in process, wait at the gate until boarding, and hopefully book a flight that doesn’t require you to change planes more than once. 

Since it’s possible to spend quite a bit of time waiting to fly out and then also catch a connecting flight, it could take you the better part of the day to get where you want to go. By contrast, most charter flights either fly direct or may need to make one stop in order to refuel. With either scenario, you don’t have to get off the charter flight until reaching the destination. That could shave hours off the trip. 

Departure and Return Scheduling is Simpler

Not all business trips are planned well in advance. Circumstances can arise that require you to be in front of the client in the next few days. When that happens, attempting to book a commercial flight can be difficult. Even if you’re willing to take a red-eye flight, getting there on time can be difficult.

With a charter service, you decide on the departure and return dates. It’s also easier to fly out at a time that works with your schedule. In terms of demonstrating keeping the travel arrangement simple, there’s no better option than a charter flight. 

Do Some Work While On the Way

If you’ve ever tried to conduct business while on a commercial flight, you know how hard that can be. There are simply to many distractions and not enough privacy. By contrast, you can arrange to do quite a bit while you’re on a charter flight. Create and test presentations, make phone calls, participate in video conferences, or do whatever else needs your attention. 

Land Closer to Your Destination

Another benefit of a charter flight is that you can often land a little closer to your destination. That’s because charter jets like the Dassault Falcon 2000 can land in airports that can’t accommodate many of the aircraft used for commercial flights. Along with saving time while en route, this approach will also make it easier to get to your meeting without having to drive for a couple of hours. 

There are more reasons to use jet charters for your business trip. Take a moment and call a service. Find out what it will take to make the arrangements and what sort of features and amenities you can set up in advance. Once you try this approach to business travel, there will be no desire to go back to commercial flights. 

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