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What Time is 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Dropping: All You Need To Know

13 Reasons Why has been one of the most controversial shows to come from Netflix. It has raised awareness to some dark subjects and it talks about some mature topics which have been considered taboo in our society. The extremely controversial is up and on the trending page again with the latest news about its newest season. The fourth season is set to drop soon on Netflix screens. So get ready to binge once again as the grim and dark story of 13 Reasons Why is releasing on June 5th of 2020.

There is some bittersweet news with the latest season news of the show. The show is set to air its last season and will end the story of all your beloved characters with this finale season. The creators have stated previously that when they got the go-ahead from Netflix to release a second season, they immediately set up to create a 4 season total plot of the show to create even deeper and richer lore to the ultimate story. The fans have been absolutely raving about the newer season s of the show and defending the show from all those who are trying to censor it online.

There are committees of people who had stood up against this show previously in an attempt to get it off the air because of the extremely dark and sadistic nature of the show and the depth with which it tried to discuss the more mature topics parents of teenagers generally try to avoid at home. The show tried its best to go beyond just a statement piece and developed fulfilling character arcs and showed immense character development throughout its newest seasons. The show’s creators have prevented censorship from affecting the message of the show and have continued to raise strong talking points within the community.

When is the 4th Season ’13 Reasons Why’ Dropping on Netflix?

13 Reasons Why is Dropping On 5th June at Midnight Pacific Time. For all you Indian Viewers out there, the show has already started streaming on Netflix. The fourth season is set to be the final season of the show. The story has reached a narrative end according to its creators and will be ending with the graduation of the children from high school. The time difference is around 12 and a half hours from Indian Standard Time, so by the time this article is up and running, you’re probably going to be able to stream it.

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