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Sad News Lucifer Season 6 Will Not Come Netflix Has Plan Only for Season 5 as of Now

Lucifer, the urban fantasy drama on Netflix is a very popular choice among binge-watchers. The plot which revolves around the Lord of Hell and a devil, Lucifer and his adventures in the modern human world in the city of Los Angeles, is not less than entertaining.

Lucifer, who is bored with his devil duties decides to come to Earth where he opens a night club. Soon, there are lots of incidents that follow as he gets to know a homicide detective.
The plotline is just like a coming-of-age fantasy which gives its watcher more pleasure if not anything else.

Coupled with the good looks of Tom Ellis, who portrays the titular character Lucifer, this show is a run off the mill.

There have been four successful seasons on Netflix till now.

The show was an official veteran of Fox, who decided to drop the fourth season. The reasons were said to be low collections and a drop in ratings.

However, Netflix was quick to pick up the show for a fourth season.

A fifth season was also on the cards but given the current coronavirus situation, things are not looking that great. It was scheduled to be released this year, sometime around summer. But, that is far from possible given the prevailing conditions.

Is a Sixth Season Coming? 

While that is sad news, what’s sadder is if reports are to be believed, the fifth season will be the final or concluding season. Yes, you heard it right! Lucifer is not coming back!
The show has officially been canceled and the sixth season will not be coming.

There are a multitude of platforms that have come out for many reasons. One among them is the news of a contractual disagreement between Tom Ellis and the producers.

As of now, Season 5 has been officially announced as the final season. Whether that will change or not, depends on time.

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