PUBG Mobile India Release Date 2021: Good News For Gamers?


Mobile gamers across India faced a major setback when the government decided to ban Chinese applications. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile India, the most popular mobile game in India at that time, faced the wrath of this decision as well. There were a lot of people who were left heartbroken as the game was more than just a game to them.

This was a setback for the Player Unkown’s Battle Ground. The South Korean gaming giant faced huge losses as PUBG king was really popular in India.

Is PUBG mobile available in India? 

Right now the game is not available for users in India. The company has tried a lot of things including its decision to break ties with the Chinese company, Tencent. All these things have created hope in the hearts of fans for the PUBG mobile release. The efforts made by the gaming company look strong but as of now, there is no way players in India can play the game.

What’s happening between PUBG Mobile and the government

A few months ago, PUBG was banned in India along with plenty of other foreign applications with an aim of promoting applications that are made in India. The government is taking several steps regarding the Digital India campaign and the ban of these foreign applications was a part of it only. There were debates and discussions all around the country about this step because of the applications ban. 

The development company recently revealed that they are looking forward to launching PUBG in the Indian Market again but cannot tell the exact time or date of launch. Krafton is still waiting to get a green signal from the Indian Government for the PUBG unban in India. But the government has not yet decided anything definite regarding its approval. There are also doubts whether the Indian Government will ever launch the game at all. 

Will PUBG launch again in India?

Even after so many efforts by the gaming company that owned PUBG mobile India, there are no strong signals. People have created their own theories about why it is taking so much time. It totally depends on the Indian government if they allow the gaming company to come back to India. There is news about a game on the same theme being developed in India. This might be an indication that the government might not agree to its comeback.


Neither PUBG PC nor PUBG mobile may come to the country anytime soon. Still, there are many people who are hoping for some developments and some news from the gaming company. This year, it is expected that if everything stays fine between the government and the gaming company, then the game can make a comeback in the country. The game has a big fan following, and that is also a reason why the owners don’t want to lose this country. Even though there are a lot of other games in the same category, the fans are still waiting for their old-time love for the game.

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