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Pregnant Elephant Killed in Kerala while Eating Cracker Stuffed

An extremely hilarious news of the death of a pregnant elephant came out from Kerala, India. A pregnant elephant left the forest and come into a village of Kerala. An elephant was hungry and was in search of food.

How Did a Pregnant Elephant Eat Cracker Stuffed?

The news came out that a pregnant elephant was eating a firecracker-stuffed pineapple. A pregnant elephant was walking into the streets of one of the villages of Kerala for food. As the villagers saw an elephant, they gave it to eat a pineapple. But, they stuffed the pineapple with the firecracker.

When an elephant ate pineapple, the cracker stuffed with it exploded and it hurt a pregnant elephant. Her tongue was injured badly. Further, She ran to the Velliyar River to drink water. She took water in her trunk and drank it thinking it would provide relief to her tongue. But, it did not work. She was unable to eat for two days due to a bad injury on her tongue. Later, she lost her life with a baby in her womb. This incident took place on May 27 in Malappuram, one of the districts of Kerala.

What Was the Reason Behind the Brutal Act of the Villagers?

The villagers did not even think that an elephant was pregnant. Along with an elephant, the villagers killed another one life, which did not even come into this world. This was a very brutal act against the animals. However, many people today are struggling with the safety of animals. But, in some areas, animals are treated harshly and brutally. Today, the whole world is fighting against the unseen warrior, the COVID-19. In such circumstances, hearing such news is very harsh for mankind.

Kerala has the highest literacy percentage and is very well-known for it. But, this brutal act of the villagers made a question in front of Kerala’s literacy. However, this news shattered everyone’s heart. Also, there was no humanity seen in the villagers of Kerala.

What Did the Forest Officer, Mohan Krishnan, Say About the Brutal Act of the Villagers?

The forest officer, Mohan Krishnan, tweeted a post on his official Facebook account about the death of a pregnant elephant. In this post, he said that an innocent animal trusted the human and lost her life. She blindly ate pineapple and might do not even think of losing her life. Further, he told that a pregnant elephant did not harm a single person in the village. Even though the villagers killed her.


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