Local, Artisanal Fresh Meat Delivery Comes to Chicago

There are many advantages to living in a large, vibrant city like Chicago. But there are disadvantages as well, and one of the chief disadvantages is that it can be hard for people to live in the city’s bustling downtown to access the high quality meat and produce grown by the state’s many artisanal farms. 

This problem of how urbanites who care about buying high quality local ingredients without having to travel far out of their way to specialist butcher shops and farmers markets has become a significant one given the growth of the local food movement. 

More and more people in the Greater Chicago Area might be getting interested in more environmentally friendly ways of eating, but that doesn’t mean the large grocery stores that control most of the market are becoming particularly responsive to these needs. 

Fortunately, a new crop of artisanal food delivery services is helping to bridge the gap between country and city in ways that are both convenient and sustainable.  

The Rise of Online Grocery Services

Grocery delivery is nothing new, but smartphones and the Internet have made it easier than ever before for enterprising companies to cut out the middleman and connect consumers and producers more directly. 

Online artisanal food services are a great example of how technology is being used to provide small-scale farms across Illinois with a lucrative urban market that wants to buy whole, local foods but which is generally constrained by what the large supermarket chains are willing to offer. 

Most of these services are based on a subscription model that allows consumers to sign up for regular deliveries of a range of food products. Because subscriptions tend to be quite reliable, the delivery services can focus on the more specialized range of foods that their customer base wants, lowering overhead and making the delivery model more economical for everyone. 

How Fresh Meat Delivery is Making a Difference

While many of these services focus on fresh produce, meat is particularly important for many Chicago consumers. 

The arrival of fresh meat delivery from companies like truLOCAL that specialize in working with in-state farms that are committed to sustainable and humane agricultural practices is important. It connects people who care about eating the most ethical meat possible with farms that are doing the hard work to ensure their products meet the highest standards of quality. 

Just as important for busy urbanites, however, is the fact that this service offers fast, convenient, and reliable delivery straight to the customer’s home or apartment, making it easier than ever to eat ethically and eat well to find out more about how it works.

One of the great ironies of the twenty-first century is that time-saving technologies have often served to reduce the amount of leisure time the average person enjoys, and the rise of online meat and grocery delivery is in many ways a response to the real desire consumers have for greater convenience.  

New services that make it possible for Chicagoans to enjoy high quality, sustainable food from local farmers without having to spend even more time shopping is one reason this innovative new options are here to stay. 

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