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iPhone 12 Pro Seems to Be Launched in November – Here Are All the Updates and Details

The launching of the iPhone 12 pro was scheduled first in the month of September 2020. But, now the developers announced that the launching of the iPhone 12 Pro will delay for two months. As a result, they will launch iPhone 12 Pro in the month of November 2020. Every year, Apple holds an event to launch its new product in the month of September. This year the event scheduled in the month of September. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the developers delayed the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro. Ben Geskin is the producer of the iPhone 12 series. This model of Apple will have several new features. It will have enhanced design and look.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro price and features:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro is likely to have the largest screen display of 6.7 inches. Further, this model will also support 5G. Basically, the body of the model is made up of aluminum. Again, this model will have a triple camera on the backside. Additionally, the triple camera will have LiDAR sensors. The battery of this model is long-lasting i.e, 4,400 mAh battery. Additionally, Apple iPhone 12 Pro will have many new features. People will love the surprising features of this model. But, fans will have to wait to explore the new features till November.

Coming to the price of this new model, it will be more expensive than the other models. Apple iPhone 12 Pro is further categorised into three types based on the storage options. It will be offering the storage options of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Based on these storage options, the price of iPhone 12 Pro varies. The price of Apple iPhone 12 Pro with 128Gb storage option will be $999, iPhone 12 Pro with 256Gb storage option will be $1,099. And finally, the iPhone 12 Pro with storage option 512Gb will have the price of $1,299.

Other models of Apple iPhone 12 launching this November:

There is another variant of iPhone 12 Pro, named iPhone 12 Pro Max. There are three types of iPhone 12 Pro Max based on the same storage options as iPhone 12 Pro. But, the price will vary. The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max with storage options 128GB will be $1,099. Further, the model with a 256Gb storage option will have a price of $1,199. Lastly, the price of the model with a 512Gb storage option will be $1,399. Along with Apple iPhone 12 Pro, two new models are also launching. They are iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max. These models also have three variants on the basis of storage. And, the price varies accordingly.

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