How To Get Hard Light And Its Catalyst In Destiny 2

If you are not able to beat them, you have to join them is the motto of the Hard Light catalyst in Destiny 2. The spiraling popularity of this platform has been related to the Trials and Iron Banner as well. Most games have not been able to reach the highest rate of popularity as Destiny 2 and it is assumed that this popularity is because of Hard Light. 

The weapon has been one of the best weapons that can be used in this multiuser game. The killing power is 5 times the closest primary target. It is among the must-use bases on most maps until it is nerfed by Bungie. However, if you are a completely new player in this field, it is not possible for you to get this weapon. You may feel that you are out of the loop since you do not have this weapon and it might also be like you are no longer ready to compete. 

The bad news, in this case, is that there is no special quest that you have to take if you want the Hard Light. This is strictly among the Destiny 1 weapons and it was introduced in Destiny 2 from the very beginning. The weapon has been in the system for a long time but it has turned out to be good in recent times only. 

Placed Where You Can Buy The Hard Light

There are some exotic places where you can buy the Hard light. Let us check out some of the places so that you can buy it before losing in any match.

1. Xur:

Xur usually sells only one weapon per week but this pool is pretty large. You do not have good odds in this case as there are rotating sets of vendors to whom Xur sells the weapons. If the Hard Light catalyst is on the list of weapons that are sold by Xur, you can hope to get it from the pool. The odds are not good in this case. 

2. Battle Pass Exotic Engrams

The seasonal battle has several exotic programs which all function in the same manner. There you can get the exotic weapon which you do not already have. There are specialized ranks through which you have to pass if you want the way through. 

3. Milestones: 

If you are not within the targeted programs, you will have the best chance to get the Hard Light if you are in the weekly milestones. Some powerful drops can be used in case of the objectives, there will be some yellow circles over your map. You can try getting into the three strikes so that you can complete these objectives. In most cases, you can gain exotics if you complete the weekly tasks. 


These are three of the places where you can get the best chances to gain exotic weapons. Hard Light can be provided to the best users who have completed the best quests in the game. As a gamer, try to get through all the levels and also get the best weapons in your collection if you want to be the winner in the quest. 

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