Help Your Restaurant Survive and Thrive No Matter the Trend

Trends comes and go in business and in food culture; eating at a restaurant used to mean eating a diner burger or French cuisine. Now, restaurants serve every single kind of food under the sun, and you can order it to your doorstep right from your phone.

That’s why it’s important for people running a restaurant business to get technology that was specifically designed to streamline restaurant operations, saving valuable time and money. Keep reading to learn more about how employee scheduling software works.

Less Time Wasted on Schedules

Creating a restaurant schedule every week is aggravating and time consuming. It’s a complex puzzle, having to sort out the restaurant’s needs and the personal needs and restrictions of every employee. 

There are industry leaders in employee scheduling software like 7shifts which can reduce the amount of time schedule creation takes by up to 80%, a huge win for your restaurant. The time saved here amounts to a 1-3% reduction in labor costs, historically one of the biggest drains facing any restaurant.

Every restaurant can benefit from employees who are freed up to work on serving customers and cooking great food, rather than paying them to deal with mundane problems like schedule creation.

Streamlined Communication Tools

Modern devices are all about keeping connected, and employee scheduling software keeps your team linked quickly and effectively in different ways. For example, if a manager needs to simply relay to a specific team time sensitive information like a new lunch or drink special, they can send a one-way message each employee receives on their phone.

This pre-emptively prevents a distracting and time-consuming thread of replies that may hinder them from reading the original information. 

If two-way dialogue is needed, group chat can be configured as needed. If a manager is looking for someone to sub in for a shift in an emergency, they can message the team involved, and whoever is free and willing to take the shift can tell everybody in the group chat.

Even when schedules need to be adapted on the fly, this software’s flexible communication tools make it fast and easy.

Total Knowledge

Managers and executives can’t make informed business decisions unless they know everything going on in their restaurant. The less time it takes to get this knowledge, the better.

Employee scheduling software links to all common POS systems in use today, and its manager-facing dashboard presents all the important economic indicators clearly right out of the box. Any other metric that matters to your restaurant can be tracked, too, for a single restaurant or any amount of locations across states or countries. 

In addition to fiscal data, front-line employees are prompted to rate and describe each shift. The combination of statistics and first-hand employee perspective gives managers a total picture of the restaurant operations.

Technology evolves and people’s taste in food changes, but effective tools like employee scheduling software that make a business operation run smoothly, efficiently and effectively never go out of style

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