Have You Scheduled Your Spring Sewer Inspection?

With the majority of the winter weather behind them, most homeowners are beginning to get ready for spring. 

For most, this means making lists for upcoming projects, getting started on routine cleaning, and taking care of tasks like:

  • Yard work
  • Decluttering
  • Refurbishing
  • Seasonal repairs

For relatively young and able-bodied homeowners, many of these jobs can be taken care of over the course of a weekend, either by themselves or with a little bit of help from a friend. But there are a few tasks you should never try on your own, and sewer inspection and repair is one of them.

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Sewers

We tend not to think about our sewers unless something goes wrong, but the truth is that like any other major system in your house, preventive maintenance is often key to saving yourself time, trouble, and money further down the road. 

Most housing experts will tell you that if your home is less than twenty years old, you probably don’t need to have its sewer lines inspected every year (this depends, however, on environmental factors like the local water table and the number of trees on your property). But once a house is older than a couple of decades, its sewer lines become vulnerable to a number of risks, and need to be inspected regularly. 

The most common danger comes from the roots of trees and other plants, which can slowly extend through tiny cracks or openings in the piping and expand as they age, clogging up the pipes and even breaking them open. 

Over time, this can cause backups, and while there are ways to keep this kind of growth under control using chemical agents, they aren’t always effective, and without a proper inspection it is impossible to know for sure that your lines aren’t damaged.  

Why DIY Doesn’t Cut it When it Comes to Sewer Repairs

Americans are a famously self-sufficient lot, but there are some repairs that just can’t be handled by non-professionals. Your sewer lines are an essential part of your house infrastructure, and if you make a mistake when trying to handle repairs you run the risk of seriously damaging not just your own property, but your neighbours’ as well. 

When you hire a professional company to help you with these repairs, they will come equipped with time-saving tools that will help them find potential problems more quickly. They also have the training and experience to spot issues you might not be able to see. 

Calling a company like to handle your inspection means you’ll get a faster and more detailed inspection, and it also means you’ll have professionals on hand to advise you about repairs should they be needed. 

For most American households, the house itself is one of the most significant assets, so ensuring that essential maintenance is taken care of by professionals is a sensible investment. 

There’s plenty of work to get done around the house this spring, and when it comes to systems like plumbing or electrical wiring, it’s always better to play it safe. Get in touch with a local plumbing company today to book an inspection of your sewers!

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