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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Will Come or Is It Rumors All We Know So Far

Grey’s Anatomy has a fan history on ABC since 2005. It has a total of 16 seasons and 363 episodes(Isn’t that a big number) and the series is one of the top-rated series on ABC and high binged series.

So, lately, there are many rumors passing here and there about the future of the series. And at last, fans still unable to get exact details. For the sake of all the fans, we brought some news that you should know about Grey’s Anatomy future.

Are the Rumours on 17th Season Are True? Or They Were Just Rumours??

Well, after completing 16 seasons, fans started wondering about 17th as the story left in such away. Yes, season 16 left some gaps that should be filled by upcoming episodes from season 17. And that means season 17 is coming and it should happen.

And it’s happening. On May 19, 2019, ABC renewed the series for 16 and 17 seasons.

So rumors about season 17 are not actually rumors, they are true.

However, we are unaware of the release date and all as the team haven’t announced anything since the completion of season 16.

Ellen Pompeo Spoke About Season 17:

Ellen Pompeo, who portrayed Meredith Grey in the series so far, shared her views about the series. She said she never expected this much of success and she was so so happy and wanna continue until the end. About the end, she said, there’s nothing in the hands of anyone expect fans. They are ready to go as far as fans will take them.

So that means season 17 may not be the end and we may get more in the future. Now, That will become really great news for fans.

That is all about Grey’s Anatomy season 17 for now. We will let you know further details like Cast, story, release date as soon as we gathered from officials. Stay tuned!!

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