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Grand Theft Auto Online Updates and Money

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game, which includes actions and adventures. David Jones and Mike Dailly are the creators of this game. However, Rockstar North, Digital Eclipse, and Rockstar Leeds are the developers and Rockstar Games is the publisher of the game, GTA. This game first released on October 21, 1997. Additionally, the developers also release many new versions of the game. They released the latest version on September 17, 2013. The name of the version is Grand Auto Theft V. Also, the game, GTA runs on various platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, MS-DOS, macOS, and many more.

The online updates of Grand Theft Auto 5:

The developers released the updates of GTA 5. In this update, players are able to win bonuses, rewards and many more. However, the players need to just complete the daily tasks and earn free bonuses. Additionally, finishing ten daily missions given in the menu bar will help a player to earn the amount $1. Releasing such an update of the game will grab the attention of the players in a large number. Due to this update, players will be able to earn more. The most important update of the game is that it will not be available to download on the Epic Games Store for free.

What Are the Discounts Provided to the Players for Different Automobiles?

Along with the above-mentioned updates and bonuses, the players will get an additional benefit. This benefit is the players will get great discounts on vehicles. The pattern of the discount is followed as given below:

  • PR4 will be available at price $2,460,500
  • Neo will be accessible at $1,125,000
  • Players can access the vehicle, Mamba at $597,000
  • Also, Deluxo will cost $2,130,000
  • Brickade will be available at worth $777,000
  • The players can borrow the vehicle, Issi Sport, at the cost of $448,500
  • Additionally, Issi Classic for $135,000/$180,000
  • Nero at the worth of $864,000
  • Finally, Issi will be made available at $9,000

How to earn Rewards in Grand Theft Auto 5?

As the developers update the games usually,  new tasks for earning emerge into the game. In this update, you can earn rewards by taking part in Issi Classic Races. Also, the payers can earn rewards by participating in Madrazo Dispatch as well as Lamar’s Lowrider Mission. Another way to receive a huge amount of rewards are participating in many different events like Hunting Pack, Stock Pile, any more. Every week the developers update the game into the newer version that enables players to earn more bonuses.

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