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Drifting Dragons Season 3 Release Date and Will the Series Return to Netflix ?

For the people who are not familiar with this series, Drifting Dragons is one of the famous Japanese manga series out there. The genre of Drifting Dragons is Adventure and Fantasy.

Taku Kuwabara writes drifting Dragons. It was first published by Kodansha in a magazine called good! Afternoon. This was for the manga series.

After a few years, Drifting Dragons came out as an Anime, which was directed by Tadahiro Yoshihira. Mokoto Uezu had written the story. On 9th January 2020, it was premiered for the first time on Fuji TV. The original networks were Fuji TV, KTV, THK, TNC, UHB and BS Fuji.

Following this, Drifting Dragons were given a license by Netflix and released on 30th April 2020, on Netflix.

When Is Drifting Dragons Season 3 Releasing?

Honestly speaking, season 2 itself is not out yet, how can we expect the release date for season 3. It’s very stupid of us to even think about season 3.

There is no confirmation on season 2 yet. The team hasn’t given a confirmation on anything as of now. Don’t worry; we will have all the updates of season 2 once there are any confirmations. Let’s just wait for season 2 first.

Season 1 received a lot of mixed reviews. Some people liked it and some didn’t. Season 1 was released on 9th January 2020, which went on till 26th March 2020. Season 1 consisted of 12 episodes.

When Is the Trailer Releasing for Season 3?

When there is no confirmation on season 2, how can we expect the trailer for season 3? As I have mentioned above that there were mixed reviews on season 1, it’s not really easy to say if we can expect the second season. Let’s just wait and see, but you guys don’t worry, we will give you all the updates once there are some confirmations from the team, hopefully soon.

Who Is Going to Cast in Season 3?

As of now, there are no confirmations on anything, as you know, so we don’t know if there are going to be any new additions or not if there is season 3. Let’s just wait for the second season to release or at least get some information. Even if we have a second season, we don’t know about any new additions.

The cast for the first season were; Mika, Takuta, Soma Saito, Makoto Furukawa and Kana Hanazuwa.

There are many anime series available on Netflix. Check them out if you haven’t.

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