Dress for the New Year 2021

You need to choose a New Year’s outfit in advance, and it is better to worry about buying a beautiful dress or suit right now. Before we start exploring popular styles and fashion prints, there are several important questions to decide. First of all, it is important to understand that a beautiful outfit should suit you and reflect your understanding of beauty, but not be a simple repetition of all fashion trends.

What are the criteria for choosing a dress for a holiday?

When choosing a festive outfit, we advise you to decide on the following questions:

  • Dress code. If you are going to a party, ask in advance in what format the celebration will take place. A party with friends in a noisy restaurant is different from a formal corporate event, so your outfit should match the dress code.
  • Activity level. If you have to attend a social event where stormy dances are not welcome, you can wear a long dress that favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure, but hinders movement a little.
  • Location. New Year’s holidays can be held at recreation centers, in a restaurant or even in a private cottage. Depending on where the party will take place, an outfit is selected in which you will be comfortable throughout the evening.
  • Features of the physique. Despite fashion trends, your physique should be the main selection criterion. Every woman is quite well versed in what outfits suit her and what styles are best to avoid.

There are no strict rules in choosing an outfit for the New Year, but it is important to take into account modern fashion trends so as not to be considered a gaudy person with an outdated wardrobe.

Let’s start by choosing a color

When choosing a color for a festive outfit, most are guided by the eastern calendar, which sets certain rules. The coming year will pass under the sign of the Bull, and experts advise avoiding red shades when choosing online replica lawn dresses. This year’s evening dresses for New Year 2021 should be sewn in the following colors:

  • Classic shades. The main tone of the coming new year is white, so a dress of this color will be a win-win option for a woman at any age

Green tone. This year, all experts strongly advise buying a green dress that will attract good luck in the coming year. You can choose a cute mint outfit or a sexy emerald green dress – all shades of green are goodFor such a holiday, it is better to avoid black outfits or pastel palettes, as these shades are more suitable for a daily look.

Styles and models for the holiday

A dress for New Years celebration can be sophisticated, classic or richly bright. There are no strict rules when it comes to choosing a style, but every year there are several trends that all designers adhere to.

A traditional festive outfit is a classic sheath dress or a small cocktail dress. Depending on what length of the outfit seems optimal to you, one or another style of the model is selected.

Young girls should try on a cocktail mini-dress in a rich shade, which will favorably emphasize all the advantages of the figure and make it possible to demonstrate slender legs to others. If you prefer more formal and closed outfits, a classic dress with a fitted silhouette will suit you. In such an outfit, you can favorably emphasize the femininity of the figure, hiding some of the shortcomings. For example, extra pounds in the waist area can be masked with a wide belt and distract the attention of others with a deep neckline.     

Romantic flying silhouettes

Romantic flying silhouettes have become popular in the past few years. A dress made of lightweight fabric with an unusual print and an accent at the waist will be the perfect choice for a party you are planning to have with your friends. For women who prefer stricter cuts, we advise you to try on outfits with an asymmetrical cut. Such a dress will help you stand out from the general background and show others the original style.  

If you prefer suits, try on women’s high- rise pants and a pretty blouse with flying sleeves. This combination is perfect as a formal look, and you will not feel constrained in this outfit throughout the evening. The main rule to follow when choosing an outfit is to adhere to personal preference. You should not go on rash experiments and buy outfits that you have not worn before and for the first time tried on such a style. In order to completely relax during the holiday and enjoy this evening, it is better to wear familiar things in which you are comfortable

Where to find the perfect outfit for the New Year

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We have put together a collection of clothes that are created in accordance with all fashion trends, and carefully monitor the quality of the products offered. The size ruler used by the manufacturer is standard, so choosing an outfit to fit your parameters is not difficult. If you have any problems with the selection of a dress, contact the store’s consultants, and they will help you choose an outfit that will perfectly fit your figure!

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