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Dollface Season 2 Cast and Expected Air Date

For the people who are not familiar with this series, Dollface is a web television where most of the girls can relate to the story. This show became very famous among girls. The creator of this amazing show is Jordan Wells. The genre of this series is comedy.

Many of us can relate to this series as we get carried away in a relationship. We forget that we have other relationships to maintain. The story is no different here.

Jules Wiley, one of the main characters has just broken up with her boyfriend. While she was in a relationship with her boyfriend, she had unintentionally cut off many relationships, mostly with her girlfriends.

The producers of this show are Melanie J. Elin and Michael Gray. Production Company is Clubhouse Pictures, LuckyChap Entertainment and ABC Signature Studios.

When Is Dollface Season 2 Releasing? What Is Going On?

I’m pretty sure you must be having all these questions on your mind right now but don’t worry because we have got the answers. After the success of Dollface season 1, the makers have confirmed for season 2.

I believe that season 2 is going to release somewhere in 2020. Looking at the current situation we are in and the number of cases rising every day, it’s hard to expect the release of Dollface season 2 anytime soon or even this year. Maybe sometime in 2021 mid, we can get to see season 2.

Season 1 was aired on 15th November 2019, with 10 episodes. This show was premiered on Hulu (Hulu is a site where one can go and watch many latest movies and shows). Dollface is an original Hulu series.

The Trailer of Dollface Season 2:

As mentioned above, the makers have confirmed for season 2 but the shooting hasn’t begun yet because of the corona situation we are in at the moment. Once everything settles the shooting will begin. As of now, there is no trailer out for Dollface Season 2. We can expect the trailer sometime probably at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Cast of Dollface Season 2:

As of now, there is no confirmation on any new addition but it’s likely to expect at least one or two new addition in season 2. One thing is for sure that the main cast won’t change. The main cast is; Kat Dennings plays as Jules Wiley, Brenda Song plays as Madison Maxwell, Shay Mitchell plays as Stella Cole and Esther Povitshy plays as Izzy Levine.

If you haven’t watched Dollface, then what are you doing? Go and watch this right now on Hulu.


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