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Daredevil Season 4 Will Happen Again? Release Date and Plot Information

The story of Matt Murdock is quite an extreme one. We’ve all seen superheroes facing their deepest and darkest fears to unlock their potentials and gain incredible superpowers. But what about those without powers, do they succumb to their ordinary lives? Not at all, as we see in the comics of the Daredevil. A lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night. The astonishing thing about him is that he is blind, and before you ask that is not a persona he is faking like Clark Kent. Matt Murdock’s will surpasses his disability and he is a force to be reckoned with.

What is Marvel’s Daredevil About?

Matt Murdock was blinded as a child because of a toxic substance but this same substance heightened his other senses such as taste, touch, and hearing. The comics explain his powers as sort of a radar that surrounds him and his targets. Besides this, he is also an expert in martial arts and hand to hand combat. Some of his gadgets are similar to the toys that Batman uses. He can even distinguish the heartbeats of people and smell odors no one else can.

Daredevil is the vigilante fighting crime in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. His real identity is Matt Murdock and Matt is a lawyer by profession. Charlie Cox adapted the comic books into a TV Version and The Daredevil is a staple in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. This adaption was very well received with the comic book fans and was quite popular as a Netflix Show. The show was eventually canceled. It was decided to end the show on a high note and close the chapter on Daredevil.

Is Marvel’s Daredevil coming back for a Season 4?

Disney+ has become the newest streaming hub for everyone as practically most of the largest studios are now owned by Disney. So with Marvel Studios now also under the corporate ownership of Disney, all of the movies have shifted to under their regime. There are many fans who have speculated that with the new ownership, there are chances for revivals of many other dead shows. Netflix had canceled the popular Marvel show ‘Daredevil’ back in 2018 and hopes have risen for its renewal under Disney+.

The creators of the show even commented on this issue recently. They said that it would be next to impossible to bring back all the cast and crew for the fourth season since they all separated and have many projects of their own. Even shows such as Iron-Fist and Luke Cage were dropped just before the news of Disney’s new streaming services.

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