Big Mystery Has Been Solve From DC Movie by Dark Joker Theory

Joker was the big movie that took the Oscars by storm the previous year along with Parasite. The story circles around the mysterious journey of the most notorious villain in the DC universe. Heath Ledger had previously immortalized Joker in Dark Knight. His performance has been rated as one of the greatest antagonistic performances in the history of Cinema. But Joaquin Phoenix too just trumped in this role with debates arising who’s can be termed the greatest. It won him an Oscar for a performance which has quite rarely been seen in recent times. Several plot theories, later on, has revealed an important detail about the script of the movie. It goes as follows.

Joker: Plot Theory

If one watches Joker closely it starts with an interrogative scene between him and his psychologist. When she asks him if he was alright with his time in jail, he replied by saying Who Knows. Doubts arise on whether Arthur Fleck had previously spent some jail time in Arkham Asylum. Which then led to the fact that he must have committed murder or some grave crime in the past.

Joker: How Was the Plot Theory Revealed?

A Reddit user recently posted on his page a probable cause for this. He said that Arthur was a mentally unstable child since he was young. His mother believed that he had psychological disorders from a small age. So he might have spent some time in the Arkham Asylum in between. However, whether he killed someone or not is completely unknown to this point of time. In the initial script, it was written that his mother believed him to be somewhat different. So she decided to keep him in an Asylum. But when the movie released this portion of the script was removed. The line Who Knows was added to make it more inquisitive and moreover to add a layer to the story. So that it can be pursued from thereon. It is also true that Arthur killed the businessman of Wayne Enterprises. This also makes us believe that he might have served jail time for this crime. It was only after he stopped taking medication, that he transformed into his alter ego of Joker.

Joker: Critical Reception

The movie was very critically acclaimed and earned universal applauses. It went onto become one of the finest modern masterpieces in Cinema. Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role was extremely impressive as Joker.

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