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Big Little Lies: Season 3 Cast and Plot Everything Fans Should Know

There is no confirmation about the release of season 3 of the series, Big Little Lies. But, it is likely to release. The leading characters of the series are busy with other projects. So, there is no any idea about the release of the Big Little lies Season 3. The series, Big Little Lies, is an American television web series. However, the series is based on the novel, named, Big Little Lies. Liane Moriarty is the writer of this novel. This series is full of drama and mystery. There are also many twists in the series, which entertained the viewers.

The season of the Big Little Lies aired on February 19, 2017. David E. Kelly is the creator of the series. Further, Andrea Arnold is the producer of the series, Big Little Lies. The second season of Big Little Lies premiered on June 9, 2019. Both the seasons consisted of a total of seven episodes each. Both the seasons earned millions of viewers. This series is the most-watched television series in the U.S. However, season 2 earned around 3.1 million viewers. The fans are excitedly waiting for the season 3 of the Big Little Lies.

Who Will Be the Cast in Season 3 of the series, Big Little Lies?

All the characters from season 2 will be playing a role in season 3. Firstly, Reese Witherspoon will be acting as Madeline, Shailene Woodley will be casting the role of Jane. Next, Zoe Kravitz will act as Bonnie, Laura Dern will work as Renata. Again, Adam Scott will play the role of Ed, James Tupper will work as Nathan. Further, the role of Gordon will be assigned to Jeffery Nordling, Kathryn Newton will work as Abigail. Next, Iain Armitage will play the role of Ziggy, Darby Camp will act as Chloe. Additionally, Cameron Crovetti will work as Josh, Nicholas Crovetti will be working as Max. Lastly, Chloe Coleman will act as Skye, and Ivy George will play the role of Amabella.

What Will Be the Cast of the Big Little Lies Season 3?

As the series is based on the novel, Big Little Lies, the storyline of season 3 will continue further. So, there will be nothing surprising in season 3. Coming to the episodes, season 3 may include a total of seven episodes. Because the previous two seasons comprised seven episodes each. Again, there is no confirmation about the trailer of season 3. Let’s hope the release of season 3 will be confirmed soon.

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