6 Different types of business cards for printing

A business card is a small card that you hand out to clients or potential customers. It helps people connect with your brand and can be used for networking. Business cards can also be used for promotional purposes, such as handing them out at events. The type of material used in business card printing can affect their longevity, price and design options, among other things.

Standard Matte Cards

Standard matte business cards are the market’s most common type of business card. They’re made of paper, not plastic, and they cost less than other types of cards—but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good. In fact, you can still get a professional design for your standard matte cards that makes them shine.

Standard matte business cards reflect light differently than glossy or soft-touch cards do. Instead of reflecting light like a mirror (which would make it hard for others to see what’s on your card), standard matte papers absorb light and then disperse it in a softer way.

Standard Glossy Cards

Glossy cards are more expensive than matte cards and are not as durable. However, glossy is an excellent option if you want your business card to stand out from the crowd. Glossy is also a classic choice for wedding invitations and other formal printed materials.

Paper thickness can impact the look of your print job. Printing on high-quality paper stock with better textural quality (like cover stock or linen) will feel more substantial in your hands—and those impressions matter.

If you’re planning on using two different colours on one side of your card (for example, hot pink type on white), mix up how much ink goes into each colour so that one doesn’t overpower another when printed together.

Premium Matte Cards

Premium Matte Cards are a step up from standard matte cards. With a higher quality card stock, these business cards feature a bright white finish that is not as shiny as Premium Gloss Cards. The thickness of cardstock is also thicker than standard matte, which gives it its unique look and feel. These business cards also have rounded corners to add to the sleek design of the finished product. With these cards, it’s assured that your new business card will stand out from any crowd.

Premium Glossy Cards

Premium glossy cards are glossy on both sides and give a professional, polished finish to your card. They’re more expensive than other types of paper, but they look more elegant and are more durable. You can choose from card stock or plastic for your business card printing needs.

Soft Touch Cards

Soft touch cards are printed on a special material that feels like velvet. They give off a warm and friendly vibe, which is excellent for businesses that want to convey a soft, cosy feeling. A soft touch card is also great for conveying luxury, as it can feel extravagant in the hand.

Foil Stamped Cards

Foil-stamped cards are the most expensive type of business card to print because the foil stamping process involves applying a metal foil to your card. This process can be done in several colours, but it’s best suited for gold or silver. The shiny surface makes these cards stand out, and they will make an impression when you hand them out at networking events or conferences.

When it comes to business cards, you have a lot of options. You can choose from matte or glossy finishes and even foil-stamped cards. So take your time and decide which type will work best for your branding needs and budget.