5 Cerner Features Which Make It Perfect for Cardiology Practices

About Cerner

Cerner is a software that has a trusted name since the company has been around for almost 40 years. The company is a staple at thousands of health organizations across North America. Right now Cerner EHR Software boasts over 28,000 employees around the world with their headquarters in North Kansas, Missouri. There are a lot of reasons Cerner is a great option for a vendor whom you should purchase an EHR from and one of those reasons is that the company has stellar products which they have been perfecting for the past number of years. Cerner is always ahead of the game and thus you should trust the company with your eyes closed.


If you are a cardiologist or run a cardiology practice then perhaps we can help you determine whether or not any of Cerner’s software would be the right fit for you and your medical practice. Keep reading to find out more!

Cerner Features Perfect for a Cardiology Practice

Make Clinical Documentation Simple

Clinical documentation is a very important part of running a medical practice. This includes all patient information; from intake forms to notes you make during your appointments. Keeping detailed patient notes and information about patients is the mark of a good doctor since the more information you have the easier it is to make a diagnosis. With Cerner you have the benefit of great charting features. The software also has a voice recognition feature which can recognize your voice and convert verbally communicated information into text based documents which are incredibly helpful!

Use Cerner EHR on the Go

One of the best parts about Cerner is that the software is cloud based so that you are able to use the software from anywhere in the world. Since the software is deployed remotely you can access it through the Cerner mobile app on your handheld devices. This feature gives you the freedom of mobility and allows you to make patient notes on the go as well as look at your schedule and do a ton of other things while you are physically far from your office. You can control your entire work life remotely which honestly, is very helpful.


Built in and Customizable Templates

The software has several templates you can choose from. The best part about this is that it has cardiology templates as well for you to choose and if there is something within that template that you think could be changed to be made better then you can do this too since the features in these templates are largely customizable which is incredibly convenient. These templates are specifically for your specialization and thus help reduce the time it would otherwise take for you to take down patient information and more.

Patient Portal Feature for Reducing your Administrative Duties

Another great thing about this software happens to be the fact that it has a wonderful patient portal. The patient portal feature allows your patients to log in to their own portal and make their own appointments, look at their own schedule and even be able to communicate with you. This helps you a lot as well since your patients are doing the administrative work related to their appointments themselves which saves you a lot of time which is incredibly important! And at the same time involves your patients into your practice which is very helpful as well.

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

The final feature in Cerner we want to talk about is the revenue cycle management feature. As someone who is running a medical practice it is important to know how much money you are making since at the end of the day this is your source of income. With the RCM feature in Cerner you can easily be able to determine how much money is going in and how much money you are spending per month. This helps you figure out what you need to change to better your financial performance!

Should you Buy Cerner for your Cardiology Practice

We would advise that you first go online and read as many reviews for the software on as many platforms as you can to see whether or not this software would be suitable for you. Reviews at times present the most accurate pictures for an EHR.


We also suggest that you ask the vendor for a Cerner EHR demo so that you know how the software works and can thus figure out whether or not it would be the right fit for your practice and your needs.


All in all, hopefully you will be able to determine whether or not Cerner is the right choice for you and make the right decision for yourself!

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