4 Ways That You Can Help Your DUI Lawyer Prepare a Defense

You’re out of your element when it comes to dealing with issues related to impaired driving or driving under the influence. While it’s good that you’ve retained the services of an impaired driving lawyer, that’s only the beginning. You will need to work closely with the lawyer in order to prepare a defense. Here are four ways that you can support your lawyer even as the legal counsel is working to ensure your rights are protected. 

Say as Little as Possible Until Your Legal Counsel Arrives

While it’s not possible to stop all communication with law enforcement officials, you do not have to answer questions related to the events leading up to the arrest without your lawyer present. To that end, say as little as possible under your legal counsel is on the scene. Even then, defer to your lawyer before saying anything. Doing so will help you avoid making statements that could complicate the case. 

Tell It All to Your Lawyer

While you want to remain relatively close-mouthed with the authorities, that’s not the case with your legal counsel. Once your impaired driving lawyer sits down with you and begins to go through the particulars, make sure that you share everything that you can remember. 

Even if you think some minor action or detail isn’t all that important, share the information with your lawyer. Something that seems to have no relevance to you could mean quite a bit to your legal counsel. At any rate, making sure you tell your lawyer everything makes it possible to prepare for whatever the prosecution might bring up during your hearing. 

Follow Your Lawyer’s Recommendations About Personal Conduct

Along with preparing your defense, don’t be surprised if your lawyer has some suggestions on how to conduct yourself between now and the court date. It may be to your advantage to avoid being seen in certain venues or associate with certain people in the interim. The goal is to ensure that you don’t say or do anything that could jeopardize your chances for a dismissal or at least the lightest sentence that the court can render by law. 

Don’t be surprised if the lawyer recommends that you avoid drinking in a restaurant, bar, or club for a little while. It may also be a good idea to stay away from any places where you may be tempted to have one too many. If there are friends or others that you normally drink with, spending time with them in settings that don’t include alcohol might be a good thing. 

Respond Quickly When Your Lawyer Needs Something

An open line of communication is key to mounting a defense. There will be times when your lawyer contacts you to double-check some detail or thinks of something new that needs to be discussed. When that happens, make sure that you respond as quickly as possible. Prompt attention to any emails, voice mails, texts, or phone calls could make a difference in how much progress the lawyer makes with your defense. 

Your lawyer is there to help you get through this unfortunate situation. That includes helping you come to terms with any drinking and driving consequences that apply in your case. Be actively involved in preparing the defense and provide your legal counsel with your full support. Doing so will enhance the odds for an outcome that is more to your liking. 

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